What's covered under the lifetime warranty?

Our solid 303 stainless steel hitch balls are designed to last a lifetime. We guarantee they will never rust. In the extremely rare event that this does happen - contact us and we will send you a replacement for free. But first - make sure the rust isn't simply from the contact with the trailer cap. This will easily come off when cleaned with a stainless steel rust remover. The warranty is voided however, if you use your hitch ball outside of the tow class or if your tongue is over-sized for the length of the hitch balls shank. It is unsafe to do either and we hold no liability if you continue to use our products with unsafe installation/use.


The manufacturer, QMC Technologies, Inc., makes no claims as to use of this product. QMC Technologies, Inc. will not be liable for any negligence, misuse, or damages personal or otherwise as a result of the use of this product. In any event, QMC Technologies, Inc total liability will be limited to the initial purchase price of this product, or replacement of this product at our discretion. By installing and using this product, you agree to the above conditions.

Installation Instructions:
1. Separate lock washer and nut from hitch ball.
2. Place threaded shank through hole on hitch or bumper
3. Install lock washer between nut and tongue or drawbar.
4. Tighten nut securely, but do not over tighten.
5. Check tightness of unit before each use.

*Do not exceed tow weight limits. Our High Quality Hitch Balls are made from Stainless Steel. In harsh or polluted environments some surface rust may occur (usually from iron deposits). Do not remove with steel wool or similar products. Use a non- steel pad. Apply wax sealer if necessary.