Customers from all over the US are raving about the durability &
quality of our stainless steel hitch balls!
Read their Customer Testimonials & Reviews Below

"PLEASE keep making this product in the U.S.A.! I sought a U.S. made ball several years ago and found you. Made me feel good after seeing your top notch machining, keep up the good work!"
- George B.


"I received the 2" stainless ball from you guys. I'm so glad I opted for quality, you obviously take pride in your work!"
- Clay


"I bought a 2" hitch ball last week. Great quality product, worth the extra money so much better than the Chinese junk. Keep up the the good work and people like me will pass the word around and will be a loyal customer. Thank You!"
- Dave M.

"That stainless steel ball IS a WORK OF ART! I hate to drop a trailer coupler on it! I was showing it to my cousin and he thought it was a desk decoration...not a working unit. To say the least, I'm very pleased with my purchase! THANKS!
- Lynn R.


"I have to say, my new stainless steel hitch ball arrived today and color me impressed! I am a machinist myself, and thought craftsmanship like this could only be had by making something on my own. I could not have made it nicer myself, and never could have expected a production item like this. It's clear you take pride in your work as primary, please never change. Made in USA baby, in every way! You can count on my blessing and a few referral sales here!"
- Kurt K.


"I liked mine so much, I'm handing some out as gifts! I found that putting the QMC stainless hitch balls on my vehicle was as much about form as function. I leave the hitch ball on all the time and the ball keeps it appearance without degrading. No chipping chrome, no rust, just a beautifully machined hitch ball, all the time."
- Ken S. (Washington, DC)


"They were VASTLY superior to ANY others I tried or found! I tried V**ley's stainless steel balls, B**ly's, and R**se's...all of them tarnished, and the shank and nut/washer rusted right away. I'm down in Louisiana, and things rust immediately. The QMC balls when I first got one looked like such a work of art that I didn't want to scratch it with a hitch!!! They are the only ones I will put on any of my vehicles. NOTHING exhumes quality like the QMC's."
- Jeff K. (Louisiana)


"I just received my order of 2 hitch balls. These 2 items are absolutely beautiful. They are like works of art. Keep up the good work and keep it Made in the USA. Thanks!"
-Jeff C. (New Jersey)


"Thanks Once Again!!! "The Best hitch ball ...PERIOD"
- Brett M. (Oregon Satellite)


"I just received my hitch ball and wanted to say, WOW! No further comments necessary."
Phil O. (Ohio)


"I received the ball this afternoon. This is the third one I have ordered and they're incredible. It's nice to see people who take pride in their craftsmanship. Thanks again!"
- Anthony I (Mississauga, Ontario Canada)