Q: How is it possible to lock the nut in place without wrench flats?

A: Holding the ball with your hand will allow you put the lock washer and nut on. As you tighten the nut on the shank the lock washer will put downward pressure on the nut and threads below it. This will lock it in place and keeps the nut from moving and or sliding loose on it's own. If you want to tighten further, use a pipe wrench to provide the torque on the ball (with a rag over the ball - to keep from scratching) and tighten the nut.

Q: What's covered under the lifetime warranty?

A. Our solid 303 stainless steel hitch balls are designed to last a lifetime. We guarantee they will never rust. In the extremely rare event that this does happen - contact us and we will send you a replacement for free.
But first - make sure the rust isn't simply from the contact with the trailer cap. This will easily come off when cleaned with a stainless steel rust remover. The warranty is voided however, if you use your hitch ball outside of the tow class or if your tongue is over-sized for the length of the hitch balls shank. It is unsafe to do either and we hold no liability if you continue to use our products with unsafe installation/use.

Q: There's rust on my hitch ball. Does that mean the actual hitch ball is corroding?

A: No, it does not. 303 stainless shows excellent resistance to corrosion. Rust on your hitch ball and shank most frequently occurs when using a steel (non-stainless) receiver and/or trailer cap. Steel contains iron and when the paint is broken/chipped/cracked, which occurs during installation/use, the iron rust deposits transfer to the rest of the hitch ball. This is simply surface contamination and can be cleaned off by following with a stainless steel rust remover. It is imperative to keeping your hitch ball clean to check regularly for rust on your receiver and re-painting it when necessary. You can eliminate re-painting by using a stainless steel receiver.

Q: What is the outer diameter of the nut?

A: The nut for the 3/4" shank diameter measures 1.00 inches
The nut for the 1" shank diameter measures 1.46 inches
The nut for the 1-1/4" Shank Diameter measures 1.875 inches